Patties of dark brown stoneware and b-mix clay,8-inch dia.

The simplest application in the  use of colored clays is marbleizing or agateware.  Dark and light clay patties  were stacked to make this mask, then slightly wedged then rolled out into a slab.  A turquoise slip was applied here, it was bisque fired and glazed fired with a clear cone 6 glaze.

The slab of colored clays was pressed into a bisque form.   I will instruct a workshop in press molding in the fall with Arizona Clay, more on that later.  Colored clay slabs work very well in press forms; one could use this slab to build with directly too.

Pinch pots  and wheel thrown pots can also be made this way.   Of course a wheel thrown must be scraped of the throwing slurry to reveal crisp lines.  Agateware is the easiest technique to do with colored clays; it  is a wonderful place to start your experimentation with colored clays.