front view of pinch pot canning funnel

pinch pot greenware

bottom side of funnel

greenware-- pinch pot

Turning our attention to functional ware, the most immediate need right now is for a small canning funnel.  Winter is citrus season here in Phoenix area, and therefore we’ve been making marmalade from the harvest of our tangerine tree.  We recycle most of the smaller food jars we used around here; however, the commercial canning funnels are only made for the standard manufactured canning jars; they are too large for most smaller jars.  So, we pinched out a smaller funnel that will work with these small jars.  There is something very satisfying about making your own utensils with your own hands, can’t wait to use it.

Our pinched funnel is merely a bowl with a hole in the bottom of it.  A collar is pinched from the bottom of this bowl form so that it will rest easy when seated on top of the small jars. A handle is needed to facilitate placing hot liquids into this funnel; a coil of clay is rolled out and pinched into the pot forming the handle.

It doesn’t look like much in the photo here. In truth the raw clay looks rather crude.  It will look way more impressive with the coat of glaze on it.  It will be fired to cone six, because it is the mid-range stoneware clay this is made from. Hopefully we’ll have it glaze before the New Frontiers workshop February 10.